Regardless of your position on gun control, there is no denying that the tragic school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut has forever scarred the collective psyche of our country.

A new PBS series, After Newtown, addresses the issues of gun violence, mass shootings and gun control in four special programs that are sure to be thought-provoking and riveting.

The After Newtown lineup and schedule is as follows:

  • The first night’s program, Guns in America, traces the evolution—from the earliest settlers to modern culture clashes—of guns in America, including their role in the identity of a nation founded through revolution as well as their links to violent crime throughout our nation’s history. Guns in America airs Tuesday, February 19 from 9-10pm ET, and repeats Thursday, February 21 from 10-11pm.

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  • Raising Adam Lanza, a Frontline Special created in collaboration with The Hartford Courant, investigates the life and possible motives of the Newtown shooter, and how those closest to the tragedy are coping. This program also examines the renewed call for stricter gun laws in a town divided over the issue. Raising Adam Lanza also airs February 19, from 10-11pm ET and again on Thursday, February 21 from 9-10pm.

  • The NOVA program, Mind of a Rampage Killer, looks at what science can tell us about connections between the brain and the risk for violence. It addresses the motives of mass killers, and asks whether we can recognize those with the propensities for violent acts and, perhaps, stop them before they kill. Mind of a Rampage Killer airs Wednesday, February 20 from 9-10pm ET.

‘After Newtown’—PBS Series to Address Gun Violence in America

Re-enactment of the inside of a locker containing drawings of guns. (Courtesy of Alex Jouve)

  • The Path to Violence further addresses how psychologists, law enforcement officers and school staff can recognize problem behavior and prevent tragedies like Newtown. The special looks at the conflict between school safety and preemptive action versus civil liberties, including gun rights and the individual right to privacy. The Path to Violence airs Wednesday, February 20 from 10-11pm ET.

During the week of February 18-22, PBS Newshour will feature a nightly segment focused on issues related to the Newtown tragedy, and Washington Week with Gwen Ifill will look at political developments surrounding gun legislation in the wake of Newtown.