Toxins-to-Avoid-While-Breastfeeding-MainPhotoUPDATED June 17th, 2017

Obstetricians are quick to warn pregnant women about the dangers of consuming alcohol, cold cuts, and too much fish during pregnancy. What’s less common is advice on keeping your breast milk wholesome and safe for your baby after he comes into this world. While restrictions are lessened considerably once you give birth, there are many commonly used beauty and household products, as well as over the counter medications that have the potential to be harmful for your nursing baby.

Here are some of the common (but lesser known) toxins to avoid while breastfeeding:


It used to be taught that smoking mothers should not breastfeed. Well, times have changed and research now shows that if a mother cannot quit smoking, she should breastfeed her baby to protect it from her own smoke. Breastfeeding has been shown to help reduce the harmful effects of cigarette smoke exposure.