Arroz al Horno-MainPhoto

From Middle Class to Food Stamps-MainPhotoInstructions:
1. Preheat oven to 400 F.
2. On the stove, heat the clay pot medium-high and sauté the whole head of garlic, the bacon and pork ribs.
3. Once the pork and bacon are cooked through and the garlic browned, add the rice and the garbanzo beans. Sauté for about 3 minutes.
4. Add the potatoes and the morcilla; sauté for about 2 minutes.
5. Add the warm broth, salt and the saffron. Bring to a boil and remove from heat.
6. Carefully, place the clay pot into the oven for about 40 minutes.
7. Add the tomatoes during the last 15 minutes of cooking time.
8. Remove from oven and allow to sit for 5 minutes before serving.

Note: The garlic is deliciously sweet and you can spread it on bread! This dish goes well with red wine and accompanied by a simple tossed salad. Enjoy!