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It’s that time of year again, when people start to get really sick of the cold weather. I, for one, love cold weather. I love all the seasons, really, but winter just may be my favorite. I’ve been told I’m nuts by more than one friend and loved one, but here are my top 7 reasons to love cold weather.

1. Winter clothes: Hats, scarves, gloves, long coats—what’s not to love? Cold weather gives us the chance to pull out all those items we can only wear a few months of the year. I have a matching cashmere hat, glove and scarf set, and when I wear it with my leather coat, I feel fabulous!

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2. BOOTS! I know I mentioned winter clothes, but boots deserve a category all their own. Cold weather gives me so many excuses to buy new boots! I am a bit of a boot fiend, with 7 pairs in my closet, from booties to riding boots to biker boots to stilettos.

3. Dramatic makeup: Cold weather calls for more dramatic makeup, from smokey eyes to strong red and burgundy lip colors to seriously dark nail polish. Summertime, for me, just isn’t right for wearing these dramatic shades.

4. Curling up by the fire: Come on, what’s more romantic than curling up beside a blazing fire in the fireplace, or even in an outdoor firepit on a chilly night? Even if you’re alone, a nice fire in the fireplace is a great comfort while reading a book and sipping a glass of wine.

5. Winter sports: There’s a winter-only, outdoor ice-skating rink near my home, and I hit it as often as I can during the winter months. Between that and cross-country skiing and an occasional sledding run, it’s just another reason to love cold weather.

6. The Super Bowl! I’m a football fan, and there’s just nothing like watching two of the nation’s best teams go head to head in frigidly cold weather. Yes, the Super Bowl has been held in Florida and Arizona and SoCal. But I prefer a cold weather Super Bowl any day.

7. Smores and hot chocolate: No explanation required.