The first Bugs Bunny cartoon, The Wild Hare, appeared on July 27, 1940 and Bugs quickly became one of Warner Brothers most popular animated figures. From animated shorts to feature length TV shows, the ‘wascally wabbit’ has amused us, confused us and made for some great Saturday mornings.

Master of the quick quip—“I know this defies the law of gravity, but I never studied law.”—Bugs was more Groucho Marx than cuddly Disney creature. His neverending curiosity, his sense of humor and his willingness to get involved in anybody’s business provided hours of amusement. He was bold, innovative and fearless—the kind of virtues we’d love to see in our men, right ladies? So why not sit your guy down in front of a few Bugs Bunny cartoons and hope he takes notice. In the meantime, here are 15 lessons we think all men can learn from the one and only, Bugs Bunny.

1. Show Interest in Others
What’s up, doc? It may not be the best pick-up line but it always got everyone’s attention. Bugs always shows willingness to make a new friend.

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