Cosmo For Latinas

Besides that hot dress you threw on or the three hours you spent on your hair and makeup (news flash chicas, sometimes he won’t even notice), there are subtle, little things men find sexy about us. These male models tell us five things that turn them on.

Ready for some eye candy and useful guy quotes? These male models are part of a new reality series called Built, which premieres in January on Style. It’ll showcase them doing handy work as part of their actual construction company Hot and Handy. Go ahead and break something on purpose so you have an excuse to call them up—we don’t blame you!

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These guapos stopped by CFL a few weeks ago and told us everything from how they got into the modeling biz to what makes a woman catch their eye.

Being honest about sex.
A girl who smokes is a deal breaker for me. And I hate to hear a girl say ‘I’m not that easy’ [when we talk about sex].  To me, that means that she probably is that easy. —Donny Ware

A curvtacular stylista.
I first notice a girl’s style and elegance, especially her shoes. [And] I love a girl with a curves—I’m an ass man. —Sandy Dias

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