You lose at least 45% of your body heat through your head, so keep it covered in cold weather.

This is a very popular myth that I strongly believed and shared with others over the years. But a military study testing the loss of body heat in soldiers exposed to Arctic temperatures told a completely different story.

Bust: Let’s start by saying that yes, the test indeed showed a significant loss of heat through the head. But the soldiers were fully covered except for their heads. So it makes sense that they lost most of their body heat through the only body part uncovered and exposed.

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The fact is that if they were completely naked, their bodies would lose only about 10% of their heat through their heads, as the remaining 90% would escape through the rest of their exposed bodies.

Still, to keep warm in winter, it’s a good idea to wear a hat, especially if the rest of your body is tightly bundled up!

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