The Power of NOW: How to Lose Weight Fast for Summer-MainPhoto


As much as you may love that soda or latte, if you are serious about shedding weight you need to focus all your thirst on water. Drink a LOT of it. In fact, you should substitute all your other beverages for water, and yes, that means no alcohol. Wine does not equal water; write that down. And while we don’t expect you to abandon your coffee habit entirely, try to minimize caffeine intake (and drink it black if possible). Make sure you drink water throughout the day and during each meal. When you feel hungry, before you reach for a snack, drink a glass of water and see if you’re still craving food.

When it comes to your fitness routine, you might need to mix it up. Even if you are active every day, if you’ve been sticking to the same exercises then your muscles may be getting bored, which is why you’re not seeing results. Try varying different workouts, different machines or classes and focus on different muscle groups. And make sure you include cardio and weight training; while cardio will blast calories; you also need to strengthen your muscles so they can burn calories even when you aren’t active.