The Power of NOW: How to Lose Weight Fast for Summer-MainPhoto


First, let’s start with what you eat. You may claim to eat a balanced, healthy diet, but have you been getting a little sloppy lately? It’s OK, being health-focused for years can take its toll and sometimes you slip up. Just make sure that finishing your son’s slice of pizza and eating that leftover chicken nugget isn’t becoming a daily habit. As far as the good-for-you foods that you eat, increase your protein and fiber intake. Protein will fuel your body and help control your appetite so you will feel satisfied longer. Green veggies (think broccoli and peas) are a great way to increase your amount of daily fiber, and as Dr. Oz reports, “digesting high-fiber green vegetables is an easy way to make your metabolism work harder, and it can kill cravings for unhealthy foods.” Plus, we all know from experience that fiber can, um, help keep you regular in the digestion department, which is also good for weight loss. We’ll leave it at that.

If you really want to know how to lose weight fast, in addition to fiber and protein, ditch the white grain products (white bread, pasta, white rice…sigh), which cause bloating, are digested quickly and don’t actually energize you or fill you up. Basically they just taste good, but offer very few nutritional perks, and they could be to blame for those excess pounds.