Mother’s Day is almost here (it’s this coming Sunday, May 10th) and it’s time to gush over the mothers in your life. That might be you (if you are my husband and you are reading this, hint hint, a massage would be nice) or it might be your mom. Let’s not forget that she did carry you in her womb for 9+ months; she deserves some love! But as you get ready to show your appreciation on Sunday, don’t forget about gifts for Grandma. Sure, you might not see her as often as your parents or friends, and she doesn’t necessarily help out with daily advice on parenting. But your grandmother is the reason your parents are here, and without her, you wouldn’t be here either.

If you are lucky enough to still have your grandmother around then this is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate her life, her legacy and her family. And if your mother is a grandma (meaning you have children) then you can probably agree that she has earned some thanks after babysitting your kids, buying them presents, showering them with unconditional love, and sending them home right before they have a massive tantrum. To all the moms out there—you know exactly what we mean.

Being a mom is really hard. Anyone who is a mom can agree. And while being a grandmother might be the greatest job in the world (a lot of fun with your grandkids, and none of the boring discipline), your grandma had to be a mom first. Everything you know about family, love and raising a child you learned from her.

Mother’s Day is a holiday accompanied by big consumer spending. As CBS reports, it is the “second-biggest holiday in terms of consumer spending,” and in 2014 “Americans [were] expected to spend between $18 billion and $19.8 billion to show mom how much they care.” On average, the National Retail Federation estimates that Americans will spend about $163 on everything from gifts to cards to brunch to celebrate mom. Before you pony up the big bucks, let’s talk about how you can celebrate these amazing women in your life.

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You can always go the sentimental route and write/create/buy a beautiful card. Don’t underestimate the power of a handwritten note in today’s digital age. Emails are for daily correspondence, but meaningful notes are a more special way to show thanks and express in words how much your grandma means to you. And if you have kids and you’re helping them show grandma they care, nothing is better than a piece of artwork from your little ones. You may get stacks upon stacks of scribble from school, but a grandmother will frame those masterpieces and keep them forever. Such are the power of grandma gifts.

When it come to gifts for Grandma, another sentimental option is to create a video keepsake, documenting her story, your story and your family’s love. A little cheesy, sure, but this gift can also be very touching. Interview your grandma, her friends, and her grandchildren to create a documentary-type video about her life. This video is something your grandmother will love now, plus it is the gift that keeps on giving for generations to come. And you might even learn a thing or two about your family history along the way.

Experiences are a wonderful way to make grandma feel special. At this point in her life she probably wants time with her loved ones more than she wants material objects. A day of pampering, a shopping spree, or even a tea party is a fun way to bond and remind grandma how important she is to you, your children and your family. These are the types of priceless grandma gifts that always win.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Write that down. And we hate to stereotype, but based on experience we’re willing to bet that your grandma isn’t exactly savvy with a camera phone or photo-sharing website. So make it easy for her and create a beautiful photo book of your kids (or of you and your siblings) for her to display in her home. We love the Montage website, which is easy to use and creates professional-looking products. And a classic black and white photo canvas looks great on any wall/bookshelf.

A piece of jewelry that has meaning behind it is a great option if you want to give her a “thing” that is still sentimental. Just any old necklace won’t do; buy her a bauble that represents her growing family that loves her. There are tons of necklaces with initial charms and pendants. Pick one you think she will love and get charms for every grandkid in your family. If you have a really big family this gift can certainly get pricey, but she will wear that necklace with pride and smile every time she thinks of the newest generation of her family.

Whatever gifts for Grandma you pick, the number one thing she’ll want on Mother’s Day is a lot of love and tons of hugs from you and your kids. Never forget that once upon a time she was you, and one day you will be in her shoes. Appreciate all she has done for you and your family and don’t underestimate the power of some good old-fashioned affection. At the end of the day that’s what we all really want. Happy Mother’s Day!