7. Barefoot Contessa Classic Lemonade
And when all else fails, stick to a classic homemade lemonade recipe that will never go out of style, and for good reason. This timeless lemonade recipe, by Barefoot Contessa, is so simple yet it hits the spot on a hot day like no other drink. On the rocks or blended, this tart-yet-sweet treat is a drink you and your kids will enjoy together for many more summers to come.

8. Lemonade with Lemonade Ice Cubes
The real surprise with this recipe isn’t the lemonade itself, but the lemonade ice cubes that have tiny pieces of mint and orange segments tucked inside. This is the perfect drink to serve at your next BBQ or pool party; guests will first be wowed by the presentation and then will be blown away by the refreshing flavors as they sip.

Photos 2, 4 & 6 courtesy of Food Network.com