1. Hibiscus and Mint Lemonade
Hibiscus adds some additional tartness to your lemonade, while the mint adds a cooling effect, so you’re left with a drink that’s not too sweet, not too sour, refreshing, soothing and good for you—hibiscus is loaded with vitamin C and iron.

2. Berry Lemonade
If you like fruit juice and smoothies, then this berry lemonade is for you. It is delicious and insanely easy to make, in fact, you can pull most of the ingredients out of your freezer. All you need is a blender to give this concoction a slushy texture and refreshing flavor, and the vanilla syrup adds a little bit of sweetness without being overkill. Think of it as a more grown-up strawberry daiquiri.

3. Lavender-Infused Lemonade
A few sprigs of fresh lavender go a long way with this homemade lemonade recipe. The lavender is both used in the initial step so that the flavors are infused into the syrup, as well as for the final presentation, which gives your glass a delicious aroma every time you take a sip.