Cool Accessories for Stylish Pets

Cool Accessories for Stylish Pets

There is a popular theory about people resembling their pets—or vice versa—and if you are a pet owner, you may be secretly worried that this applies to you. Well if your furry BFF is impeccably accessorized, you’ll be delighted by such comparisons!

Pet accouterments tend to fall into two categories: totally utilitarian or ridiculously frou frou. When you stop to think about the amount of money and room space devoted to maintaining your dog or cat in the manner to which they’ve become accustomed, it only makes sense that their personal style should reflect yours. So if you’ve been yearning for cool, eclectic pet accessories to enhance—rather than clutter your surroundings—check out these cool items.

William Wegman Collection for Crypton • Much like William Wegman’s famous weimaraner photos, his collection of dog beds covered with durable, easy-to-clean Crypton fabrics are charmingly whimsical.

Petbitat • Created by a former fashion designer, these glamorous lucite beds and bowls are must-haves.

Studiotwentysix2 • For the vintage enthusiast, these one-of-a-kind beds are made from upcycled wooden soda crates. So shabby chic!

Molly Mutt • These gorgeous pet bed and crate covers come in great contemporary fabrics that will give that worn bed a second life. And they’ve got DIY Kits if you’re looking for a fun weekend project with the kids!

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George SF • The SF stands for San Francisco which is evident in the laid-back west coast vibe of everything George SF.

Harry Barker • Created by a former fashion model, these beds and accessories are perfect for the refined, discerning canine.

American Digs • Easy, wearable fashions for the little dog with an eye for classic American designers like Ralph Lauren. Think seersucker and polos.

The Rover Boutique • Smart trenches, cool pea coats, and natty kerchiefs for the dog about town.

Unleashed Life • Fabulous dog bowls and feeders that make kibble look like fine dining.

ModaPet • You’ll be tempted to use these sleek, space-age bowls yourself!

Buckle-Down • With an adorable seat belt closure and cool, Ed Hardy designs, these collars are made for walking.

Ella Dish • Simple, feminine collars, leads, and bags for the boho-chic pup.

BarkBox • If you and your pooch love surprises, register for this monthly box of exciting dog goodies—an added bonus, 10% of their proceeds goes to shelters.

Cool Accessories for Stylish Pets

vaivanat • These sculptural, felted wool cat habitats are works of art—you may have to get one even if you don’t have a cat!

WraptCats • You’ll want to scatter these beautifully crafted feted wool beds and toys around the house as accent decor.

Moderncat Studio • An array of lovely toys for your your feline friends.

Modernist Cat • Have you been struggling to incorporate your cat’s aesthetic with your own mid-century modern taste? Modernist Cat’s litter covers and cat furniture will  blend flawlessly.

Modern Cat Designs • The litter box is the bane of every cat owner’s existence, but no one will even know that these funky litter towers aren’t a fun piece of artwork.

ModKat • Another unexpectedly attractive and cool litter box option.

Whisker Studio-Elegant, innovative, and spectacularly designed cat towers, beds, and scratchers.