Flea Market Finds : 7 Tips When Visiting Your Local Flea Market

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UPDATED June 6th, 2018 Summer is the season for nabbing the best flea market finds and there's nothing more exhilarating than discovering hidden treasures. If you don't already have your go-to flea market list, or even if you do, take the…

How to Throw the Best Garage Sales Your Neighborhood Has Ever Seen

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UPDATED June 5th, 2018 Garage sales are an excellent way to finally get rid of some clutter — those rollerblades that have been in the back of your closet since the 90s perhaps — and make a little money while you're at it. It's also a…

The Art of Buying Affordable Wedding Dresses

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Stylish, fabulous and affordable wedding dresses are out there if you know where to look. Even if you have thousands of dollars to drop on a dress you'll only wear once, there are so many better places to invest your hard-earned cash. So here's…

The Giver: Tips & Insights on the Art of Perfect Gift Ideas

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It's challenging and stressful enough to come up with perfect gift ideas for one friend or loved one. As holiday season approaches — unless you're insanely organized and have already finished shopping — the pressure is on to find cool…

The Art of Staying Home: The 20 Best Online Grocery & Essentials Shopping Sites

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If you’re anything like us, you hate shopping with your kids. Between whining to buy candy and running away to find their favorite ice cream, we have some horror stories of grocery store trips gone really bad. With that in mind, we’ve…
Let Your Panties Do The Talking!-MainPhoto

Let Your Panties Do The Talking! What Your Style Says About You

The style of panties you wear says a lot about you, both to yourself and others: from your date, to your spouse and even your kids. If they peek through your clothes, then you’ll inadvertently be making a statement too. Find out the meaning…
Holiday Gifts That Give Back-SliderPhoto

Holiday Gifts That Give Back

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When it comes to buying for the holidays, gift giving can be a stressful process. This year, consider holiday gifts that give back—those that go to help organizations or causes important to the recipient.  St. Jude Children’s Research…
5 Perfect Gifts for Mom This Christmas and Anytime-SliderPhoto

5 Perfect Gifts for Mom This Christmas and Anytime

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The perfect Christmas gifts for moms, in my opinion, don´t cost a lot of money. But they take some thought and a little effort. Cooking dinner for the busy mom in your life and taking it over to her, babysitting your best friend´s kids so…
How to Pick the Perfect Christmas Gift-SliderPhoto

How To Pick the Perfect Gift

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With the commercialization of virtually every holiday, many people complain that gift-giving is just another retail gimmick. Despite this pessimism, the fact remains that we give gifts to show appreciation, love and how much we care for and…