Even though it’s cold and snowy, there are still tons of outdoor things to do in the winter besides skiing and snowball fights. In the words of Sinclair Lewis, “Winter is not a season, it’s an occupation.” So this year make it your occupation to find some offbeat ways to get off the couch and out of your comfort zone with winter fun for the whole family.

Snowshoeing is a lot easier than skiing and you can do it just about anywhere that has snow. Just rent a pair of snowshoes and head out for a family adventure. If you aren’t sure how to get started, Snowshoe Magazine has a great guide for beginners.

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Snow Art
Flex your artistic muscles and sign up the whole family for an ice carving class. You’ll be able to make your own stunning centerpieces and you may even discover a new career. This does require sharp tools but younger kids will have a blast at home using the winter wonderland as their canvas with Ideal Sno-Art, Sno-Marker and Sno-Sculpture kits.

Backyard Igloo
Make winter fun without leaving your own backyard. Get the whole family together to build a life-size igloo. Working together on a project like this is an awesome way to bond and the kids will have a cool fort when you’re done. There are many different DIY igloo building techniques. You can use inexpensive foil loaf pans, or anything else you have on hand that’s the right size and shape, as molds for the ice bricks. Or just buy a plastic Snow Block Mold — yes, they’re a thing!


Ice Fishing
If you’re not afraid of spending time sitting on a frozen lake and you’re a big fan of fishing, you’ll love ice fishing. If you’re not terribly outdoorsy, this definitely won’t be your idea of winter fun.

Have you ever wanted to try dog sledding? If so, you’ve got to try skijoring. It’s doggie powered cross-country skiing. In other words, you’re on skis with a dog harnessed to a tow line pulling you across the snow. Feel the call of the wild with man’s best friend.


Snow Tubing
Snow tubing is just like tubing in the water. It’s got all the fun of downhill sledding with the added comfort of a squishy inner tube.

Ski Biking
Ski biking is also exactly what it sounds like — you ride over the snow but, instead of wheels, a ski bike has three skis. You can find ski bikes at many ski resorts and, just like skiing, this sport requires a lesson or two before taking the plunge.


Ice Boating
You guessed it! Ice boating is sailing over ice-covered bodies of water. Add this to your list of winter fun family vacations!