Go Time: 8 of the Best Family Vacations for Spring and Summer

UPDATED June 13th, 2018 It’s spring! Finally! And while this warmer, sunnier and more cheerful season is a welcomed change from winter for many people across the country, it also comes with its own challenges, like planning the best family…

Stand Up & Row: 10 Reasons to Get on a Paddle Board this Summer

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UPDATED June 2nd, 2018  Summer's here and it's time for you and your family to ride the wave of stand-up paddle board popularity. This sport has been around for decades, first gaining popularity in 1960s Hawaii surf culture. Since then it's…

On the Road Again: Best Car Games for Kids on Road Trips

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UPDATED June 1st, 2018 Heading out on a family road trip is what summer's all about. Without some good car games for kids though, it can be a VERY long ride. Yes, if your car isn't tricked out with a video system, you can hand out tablets…

Sun Fun: Creative Summer Activities for Kids

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UPDATED May 30th, 2018 Summer activities for kids are only as fun as you make them, and if you aren’t armed with the right activities your beach days will be a total bust. After all, warm temperatures, bright blue skies, crashing waves…

Play Time: 10 Fun Party Games for Adults

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UPDATED May 16th, 2018 Wait, you thought games were only for your 5-year-old and his friends? Newsflash! You may be getting older, but the ability to have fun and let loose with a silly game and some friends never goes away. And when you…

Summer’s-a-Comin’! Tips on Finding the Perfect Summer Camp for Your Kid

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Updated April 28, 2018 In a perfect world there would be a guidebook telling you exactly how to raise a happy and healthy kid. Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world, and if you find such a guidebook, please send it our way. In the real…

Gadget Alert: 15 Reasons Why Everyone Wants (or Has) a GoPro Camera

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UPDATED April 25, 2018 In a digital world where iPhones take 35mm quality photos and we’re compelled to instantly post every image we capture to Instagram or Tumblr or Facebook or Twitter or...all of the above, owning an actual camera almost…
Hunter Gatherers-15-Cool-Collections-to-Start-Right-Now-MainPhoto

Hunter/Gatherers: 14 Cool Collections to Start Right Now

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UPDATED April 18th, 2018 It is said that three like objects make a collection and that might be true, but in our experience, more dedicated collectors rarely stop at three, or four or even 50 of anything! Collecting is sort of like being…

Why You Need to Go to Adult Summer Camp

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Adult summer camp? Huh? Hear us out. School is out for summer, and parents everywhere are watching their kids go off to summer camp, overwhelmed with emotions. Chances are you are happy for your offspring, you are excited for everything they…