10 Latin-Flavored Soups to Make January Sizzle

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Fight off the winter chill this January with some tasty, satisfying Latin-style soups. Sure the old standbys like chicken noodle and lentil are always guaranteed to hit the spot on a blustery day but there are so many new and different flavor…

10 Super Cozy Dutch Oven Recipes to Try This Winter

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Chilly winter temperatures are perfect for a few things: cuddling on the couch, Netflix marathons, red wine, and easy Dutch oven recipes to warm you up from the inside out. After all, the best way to indulge, unwind and heat things up is with…

Cute, Non-Nerdy Ways to Rock Your Winter Caps and Hats

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Cold weather is upon us so it's time to pull out your warm winter caps. Even better, treat yourself to a couple of new ones while you're braving the cold to buy gifts for everyone on your list. If you aren't a hat person — you know, one…

Sojourning Right: 10 Winter Vacation Ideas that are Non-Tourist Traps

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Usually the go-to winter vacation ideas involve beaches or skiing. Unfortunately, when everyone is thinking the same thing those destinations can be crowded and pricey. Once you've made it through the hectic holiday season — battling crowds…

Snowshoeing, Ice Carving & Other Offbeat Things to Do in the Winter

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Even though it's cold and snowy, there are still tons of outdoor things to do in the winter besides skiing and snowball fights. In the words of Sinclair Lewis, "Winter is not a season, it's an occupation." So this year make it your occupation…

10 Ways ‘Tis the Season to Beautify Winter Skin

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Now is the time to start working on your new winter skin care regimen. Take advantage of these cold and snowy months to give yourself a little TLC so all you'll be shedding are layers of clothing when spring rolls around. Dryness and chapping…
Pucker Up for the Best Lip Balm Rundown-MainPhoto

Pucker Up for the Best Lip Balm Rundown

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It’s time to bust out your best lip balm. It's cold's beyond cold. We've crossed into freezing-our-butts-off territory and every inch of our body is suffering from the dropping temps. And that includes your lips.…

Boozy Season: 10 Winter Cocktail Ideas to Keep You Warm

Nothing warms you up faster (and with more fun!) than a delicious winter cocktail after a long hard day at work or at home with the kids. And when you do so with those closest to you, those freezing temperatures suddenly become a walk in the…

Loving your Locks: Some of the Best Shampoo for Winter Hair Care

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UPDATED August 1st, 2016 Colder temperatures affect more than your wardrobe and your mood; the chilly weather can do a number on your hair too. And while we don't miss summer humidity and the resulting frizz, winter static and overall dryness…