Ask anyone who has children and they probably have a story about being interrupted in THE ACT. Talk about destroying the mood! We know sex between partners is normal but, how parents caught in the act should explain it to children is another thing altogether. Everyone’s favorite sitcom, Modern Family, took on this sticky subject in the 2011 episode, Caught in the Act. Panic ensues when Phil and Claire’s kids surprise them with breakfast in bed at an inopportune moment. The characters’ reactions sum up this delicate situation perfectly.

Claire:This is a defining moment for us as parents. How we handle this could shape how they feel about sex and intimacy for the rest of their lives!

Phil: I’m just spitballin’ here, but… what if I was all, “knock, knock”… and they were like, “who’s there?” And I was all, “someone who doesn’t want to see their parents doing it. That’s why we knocked”. Again, this is… this is very rough.

So when the ‘kids catch parents having sex’ nightmare scenario happens to you—and it will happen to you—we’ve come up with a few ways to help you make the best of it as you fumble for your clothes and explanations.

1. Prevention is the Best Policy
A locked door now will prevent the need for awkward explanations later. Install a lock on your bedroom door and, of course, teach the kids to knock before entering.

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