You need to shape up with an efficient routine that isn’t too time consuming! Whereas many women may take the all-or-nothing approach to exercise, or believe that more is better, this is not necessarily true. If you are a mom or a busy mujer, what you really need to get or stay in shape is an efficient workout that won’t take too long. A routine that runs anywhere from 30-50 minutes three times a week is more than enough to keep you fit, unless you want to be a triathlete or Olympian. Following are some effective workouts that, done regularly, will tone your muscles without a huge time investment.

Boot camp is a good option for exercisers who are easily bored with repetitive routines. It is always easier to work out with a coach, and boot camp coaches are trained to motivate the exerciser and keep it challenging and varied. Cardio and strength exercises are combined in a typical session, and you can find indoor and outdoor camps. The science behind boot camp is that by varying the workout during each session, the body does not get accustomed to one specific movement or set of exercises and is always being challenged further.

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This is a full-body workout designed by a former navy seal, which uses ropes that enable the exerciser to utilize his or her body weight in order to tone and strengthen core muscles. A typical workout lasts 50 minutes in a group setting although it can also be done with a personal trainer or even at home with the proper equipment. The exerciser can easily adjust the level of difficulty, simply by positioning his or her feet closer or farther away from the torso. Although not in itself a cardio workout, it can be strenuous enough to qualify as such during certain portions of the routine.

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Pilates is by no means new, but it continues to be one of the most well rounded forms of exercise that can be squeezed in at lunchtime. There are many variations of Pilates such as zen-core, yogalates and more, that combine yogic breathing and meditation techniques for stress relief with the challenging toning poses of Pilates. Half an hour is enough to make a difference over time. Consistency is key with every one of these routines.

Editor’s Note: This article is one in a series of  empowerment and inspiration pieces brought to you by Colgate

Many personal instructors will tell you circuit training is not a good method to get a six pack in under two weeks, but when all you have is 30 minutes to work out, going to your local gym to do the pre-programmed circuit will do the trick. Besides, all you want is to be fit, not compete in a bodybuilding contest. Circuits are designed to work out all the major muscle groups. The key is to do the circuit at a brisk pace and attempt to do every set of exercises once or twice. When you are acclimated over the course of a few weeks, you can move on to a more challenging workout.

We’re not talking boxing in the ring. Whether you take up a kickboxing class or a regular boxing routine, most instructors will allot a certain amount of class time to working your upper body and practicing your punches, which is a huge stress-reliever. The tendency nowadays is to supplement upper body workouts with a boot camp type routine, which is meant to provide a well-rounded routine.

Editor’s Note: This article is one in a series of  empowerment and inspiration pieces brought to you by Colgate

Whichever routine you end up choosing, make sure you take it on as a long-term commitment. Overdoing it from the get-go is a surefire way to burnout and quitting. Slow but steady is the ticket to life-long fitness.