To offset the stress holiday entertaining can cause, I like to make one of the rooms in the house my private Zen sanctuary. The bathroom incorporates several elements that help me find inner peace and balance in such a fast-paced world. Also, it´s easy to retreat into the bathroom to destress for five minutes when you have a house full of guests. If you would like to give yourself the gift of a private oasis, here are my decorating tips to make your bathroom into your own Zen sanctuary during the holidays. Don´t be surprised if your guests compliment you on your good taste and thank you for giving them a space to unwind during busy family gatherings.

1. Create a Sense of Balance & Serenity
To turn the bathroom into a place of quiet retreat, I like to place smooth stones in the sink. The sound of water splashing on them as you wash your hands is relaxing and reminiscent of Zen water fountains.

2. Use Mood Lighting
When expecting guests I always place two lit candles near the mirror. If you have kids in the house you may want to use flameless candles, which look like the real deal without posing a fire hazard. This creates good light flow and offers warm illumination for guests who may need a break from the party.

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3. Decorate the Walls
I have Puerto Rican art and photos decorating my bathroom walls. This helps me feel more connected to my cultural roots and provides an escape for my guests as they admire ethnic art.

4. Use Natural Scents
Light a small incense cone – lavender or jasmine are relaxing choices – on an incense holder or small dish in the shower half an hour before guests arrive. That way the scent wont be overpowering, but just right to help them feel a sense of calm.

5. Decorate With Freshly Cut Flowers
Place freshly cut flowers or eucalyptus branches in vases. A natural plant such as a fern if you have good lighting, or a ficus elastica (also known as a rubber plant) if there is no natural light in your bathroom, will help you and your guests feel connected to nature.

6. Stock Up On Pretty Hand Towels
Place a few extra hand towels tightly wrapped in a basket on the sink. This helps create a feeling of luxury and of being pampered, just like when you go to the spa.

7. Keep Soft-Ply Toilet Tissue on Display
Make sure your guests have plenty of toilet tissue on hand. Keep it in a visible place and choose an ultra soft one, such as Charmin Ultra Soft. A pretty hand-woven basket filled with toilet tissue will add to the feeling of being pampered. Once in a while, tuck in the ends of the toilet tissue roll, hotel-style, for an added touch of luxury.

Charmin + Mamiverse Present: Holiday Entertaining from SAY: Content on Vimeo.

This post is brought to you by Charmin,  to help you destress during the holidays with these tips to turn your bathroom into a safe and calm retreat. 


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  1. Amanda
    Amanda says:

    I love this! I often just make sure the bathroom isn’t gross when we have company over but paying closer attention to it could not only make my guests feel more pampered but make ME feel better too! Going to find a candle to put in there right now! ; )

  2. Soe
    Soe says:

    I love this idea! I usually decorate with pretty perfume bottles and “spa-like” cosmetics to give it a stress-free vibe. When I’m there, it’s my queendom! hehe 😉

  3. Phillippe
    Phillippe says:

    great post and thanks for the tips. I can’t afford to remodel my bathroom at the moment, so these ideas will come in real handy for a zen like sanctuary. I love it.


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