5 Ways to Bring the Classroom Home

UPDATED January 12th, 2018 A mother's heart is the child's classroom. —Henry Ward Beecher As the school year begins and you watch your child walk off into a new frontier—a new school, a new classroom, with a new teacher—remember…

Kindergarten Readiness: How to Tell if Your Toddler is There

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When it comes to gauging kindergarten readiness, multiple factors come into play. First, your child’s maturity can be measured physically, socially, and cognitively. But in reality, very few children are equally competent in all these areas.…

Friend Mend: 8 Ways to Help Your Kid Have Better Social Skills at School

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Sure, the actual educational lessons kids learn are important, but as a parent, your number one goal is to ensure that your kids have social skills and are happy when they leave you each morning and head to school. You want to make sure they…

Calendar Cool: Helping Your Kid with Time Management in School

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School is back in full swing and that means it’s time to get organized—especially when it comes to time management. Throughout the year, calendars and timelines are extremely useful graphic representations for keeping you and your family…

Parent Teacher Communication: 8 Ways to Start on the Right Foot this School Year

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School is back in session, and your kids aren’t the only ones who need to make a good impression with their peers and teachers. Parent teacher communication needs to get off on the right foot as well. After all, those individuals are responsible…

Time Saving Back To School Tips & Rainforest Chewy Bars Recipe

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Summer’s quickly coming to a close and the kids are already back-to-school. The new school year goes hand-in-hand with a busy schedule. Families can get the school year off to a great start with some great timesaving tips. As a bonus mom’s…

For Earth Day and Arbor Day: Grow a Garden with Your Kids

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Spring is the time of year when we can perfect our green thumbs and try our hand at growing a garden! An activity filled with exploration, fun, lots of discussion, and tons of learning. Kids love getting down and dirty while being involved…
Reasons Why Boy’s Clubs are Cool-MainPhoto

12 Reasons Why the Boys Clubs are So Great

From humble beginnings in Hartford CT in 1860, the Boys and Girls Club of America has grown to be the largest national organization dedicated to helping young men and women. Since it’s founding, BGCA has opened branches in every state, Puerto…
5 Tips to Manage After-School Activities-MainPhoto

5 Tips to Manage After-School Activities

Long gone are the days when kids got off the school bus and played outside until Mom called, Dinner! Whether you work from home, outside the home or are your household’s CEO—moms are very busy these days—and so are our kids. Today’s…