Help Your Kids Become Better Readers & Writers

Help Your Kids Become Better Readers & Writers

Faced with the rigor of the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and the pressure our kids are subjected to, we have to step-up our game as parents and help our kids do well in school. We must start early-on to ensure they learn their letters,…
The best gifts for kids who like to read

The 10 Best Gifts for Young Readers

The best gifts for young readers are not necessarily books! At our house, Fridays are also known as "Game Days" because after a week's worth of hard work at school, my kids and I deserve a break…and a reward. But since I didn't totally…
Is Virtual School Right for Your Child?-SliderPhoto

Is Virtual School Right for Your Child?

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My 13-year old son attends virtual school. He takes all of his classes online, through the use of our home PC. It is not the type of school that my wife and I originally intended for him (we're traditionalists in that regard). But he had an…
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September is Attendance Awareness Month

Every year, an estimated 5 million to 7.5 million U.S. students miss nearly a month of school, and often their parents don’t realize how quickly the absences add up. This isn’t just a matter of high school students skipping school—many…
iPad Management Three Tips to Help Teachers-MainPhoto

iPad Management: Three Tips to Help Teachers

The potential of iPads as educational tools is beyond exciting. But without proper management, these devices can quickly devolve into distractions in the classroom. Imagine a classroom of kids surreptitiously playing with downloaded free apps…
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10 Reasons Moms Are Glad It’s Back to School Season

Summer vacation is over! While this may bring tears to our kids’ eyes, we moms are weeping out of sheer joy! After wearing our “summer activity planner” hat for three months, we’re kind of glad it’s back to school season. Here’s…
Ten Money Saving Back to School Tips-MainPhoto

10 Money-Saving Back to School Tips

Back to school season can get really expensive, especially if you’ve got more than one kid to outfit for the coming year. Online shopping site PriceGrabber®, in addition to offering a back-to-school shopping guide, suggests 10 money-saving…
The Best Back To School Tips-SliderPhoto

10 Great Back To School Tips

And just like that, even before the temperatures go down or the leaves fall from the trees, summer vacation is over! In Florida, kids are back in the classroom August 19, while most of the rest of the country returns to school after Labor…
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The Real Cost of Your Child's College Education

If you have children and you hope they will one day go to college, then you are probably already worrying about how you will pay for it. College is expensive—very expensive. According to a new Urban Institute report, adults in their 30s…