Reasons Why Boy’s Clubs are Cool-MainPhoto

Reasons Why Boy’s Clubs are Cool-MainPhoto

From humble beginnings in Hartford CT in 1860, the Boys and Girls Club of America has grown to be the largest national organization dedicated to helping young men and women. Since it’s founding, BGCA has opened branches in every state, Puerto Rico and at most military bases. The goal of BGCA and other boys clubs or youth clubs is to provide after school activities for kids of all ages, a place to go other than the streets and to provide adults to mentor and encourage.

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Many successful people owe their achievements at least in part to the time they spent at BGCA. For many, it was a place to stay out of trouble, for others it was a place where they could learn computer skills or get help with homework. May 19 is National Boys and Girls Club Day. And here are 12 reasons why boys clubs are still great.

1. Boys Clubs are open every day after school. Between 3pm and 7pm juvenile crime escalates. Boys Clubs offer a safe place, a friendly adult and something to do besides get into trouble.

2. Ninety percent of Boys Club alumni graduate high school. Three out of 10 kids won’t graduate high school on time, or at all. It’s no surprise that caring adults who mentor, help with homework and lend a sympathetic ear encourage kids to stay in school and graduate. The Club’s alumni graduation rate is no accident.

3. Clubs are located where kids need them most. One out of five kids in the U.S. lives in poverty. Clubs are located where these kids live: inner city or rural areas, and Native American Reservations.