Is Technology in Schools Really Working as it Should?

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We've come a long way since the days of blackboards, mimeographed sheets and dog-eared textbooks. Many schools across the nation have wireless access and teachers and students use computers on a regular basis for learning, doing schoolwork…

National Anti-Boredom Month: Indoor Fun For Kids

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With two young children, I know the heat of summer can be a big downer. July is often one of the hottest months of the year, so it’s fitting that it’s National Anti-Boredom month. Except we often get a little stumped when it comes to thinking…

How to Find Summer Childcare

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With summer break around the corner or already here, many parents face the dilemma of making childcare arrangements. There are no school schedules to work around, fewer extracurricular activities, no homework that you have to help facilitate—just…

Gay as the New Normal

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Sometimes parents’ dreams for their children are deferred or redefined. One of those instances is when parents have to face the reality of having a gay son or daughter. For Fela Rodriguez, an elementary school teacher, knowing that her daughter…

Beyond the Beaches: Enjoying Miami’s Museums

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I recently had the opportunity to experience Miami like a tourist. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Miami’s varied and plentiful museums offer visitors another way to appreciate the Magic City’s history and culture. When you think Miami,…

Mom-Tested Tips for Surviving Summer Vacation

For some families, summertime is something they eagerly look forward to because it means family vacations and field trips to all those places they don’t get to visit during the school year. But for others, summer vacation brings with it…

Discover Your Local Museums!

I know for many of us visiting museums can be boring. It all goes back to those field trips in elementary and middle school, when we had to visit museums and write a report about what we saw, what we learned. I think it's the same reason some…

On National Teacher Day Imagine the Life of a Teacher

National Teacher Day is marked on the Tuesday of the first full week of May, which is also Teacher Appreciation Week. This year, National Teacher Day will take place on May 7. This is a big deal for me, not just because I'm a teacher, but…

Helping Your Child with Special Needs With Communication

When your child with special needs or disabilities is about to turn 3 years old, the State Early Intervention program will help him transition to the school system, if you want him to go to public school. Your child may start pre-school the…