8. You’ll Feel More Appreciated as an Employee
Sometimes at work it’s the little things that make a big difference as far as feeling like a valued part of the team. Little perks can go a long way. Things like snack cabinets, happy hour gatherings and summer Fridays can all make members of the team feel like they efforts are acknowledged and appreciated. And allowing pets at work is high up on that list as well. It makes employees feel like their needs as a pet parent are noted and taken into account when figuring out how to keep the office environment and the team happy.

9. Pets can be a Healthy Source of Therapy
It should come as no surprise that pets are an amazing source of therapy. There’s a reason that therapy dogs visit hospitals and nursing homes to help improve the mood and mental, physical and emotional health of patients. And when you’re having a really stressful day, you are frustrated, angry, depressed or completely exhausted, having a little time to just sit in your pet’s company can work wonders in a therapeutic way.