6. You are Less Likely to Suffer Back Pain
Sitting at a desk, regardless of how comfortable or ergonomically correct your chair may be, for an extended period of time can do serious damage to your back, your neck and your posture. Having your pet at work forces you to get up, to move around, to take your pet for a walk and to change positions, all of which can help to minimize back pain from sitting. In fact, a recent study argues that desk workers should try to stand and walk around for a solid 2 hours daily. Having a pet that craves that kind of physical movement is the perfect excuse and reminder to keep you on your toes.

7. It will Boost Morale
If you’ve ever felt like you were in a slump, you weren’t feeling creatively inspired or you were just having a bad day, then perhaps a little QT with a furry friend could help. Having pets around can boost morale, improve your mood and help counteract any of the negativity in your office, because let’s be honest, there can often be a lot of sour moods at work. It’s hard to have a crabby attitude when a fluffy puppy is staring at you, and it’s really hard to sulk after you get a nuzzle from your pet.