3. It is an Enticing Amenity for New Hires
It’s a competitive job market out there, and when it comes to hiring qualified employees, your office needs to have special perks that set you apart. Tami Majer, senior vice president of People and Organization for Banfield Pet Hospital, told Fortune that allowing pets in the workplace is “a benefit/amenity that companies are bringing to the table to recruit employees, especially with respect to Millennials.”

4. You can Save Money on Dog Walkers or Pet Daycare
No more stressing over having a dog walker twice a day, or paying for pet daycare just so you can work late. At the end of the day, it sometimes seems like the majority of your paycheck goes to pay for your pet’s care. Taking your pet to work solves all these issues, and it’s really fun.

5. You can Work Later When You Need To
No more worrying about getting home late and leaving your pet hungry and with full bladder while you scramble to finish that presentation. If your pet is with you, you can work as late as you want or need to, with no stress or anxiety over rushing home.