The bad news is that there isn’t really a way to completely avoid stress in your career. Sometimes the stress induced by pressing deadlines or challenging work can actually inspire you to work harder. And for better or worse, it comes with the territory of any professional role. That said, there are ways to alleviate that stress at work, and while activities like exercise and meditation certainly help, there’s a new trend that can help minimize work stress and it’s far more fun, cute and cuddly. We’re talking about bringing your pets to work, and there are several reasons you should let your furry friend tag along for your daily commute. Having pets in your office is becoming more and more popular in workplaces across various industries, from startups to major corporations. Some argue this new fad is an effort to attract younger employees, others claim it’s a way to show employees they are valued. But most importantly, having pets at work can really improve morale, boost work ethic and increase happiness in your office.

Here are 13 why we love bring your dog to work day.