If you thought the rise of fitness apps and online workout videos meant death to the fitness DVD, think again. If you prefer the luxury of exercising in your living room to a TV-sized image of your favorite fitness guru, you’ve still got plenty of choices. Even as DVDs are increasingly being edged out of relevance by the onslaught of digital entertainment, many people still choose to kick it old school when it comes to workout videos.

According to a recent Washington Post article, “A report just released by market research company IBISWorld showed that the state of the fitness DVD industry is remarkably strong. Annual revenue is projected to jump 5.4 percent in 2014 to nearly $300 million.” And the NY Daily News found “The biggest fitness search spike revealed that people were crazy about Beachbody’s Insanity, which bills itself the ‘hardest workout ever put on DVD’.” To help you update your fitness DVD library for 2015, we’ve got some surefire workouts for every level.

1. Jane Fonda’s Workout
If this doesn’t inspire you to start exercising, nothing will. Jane Fonda’s first exercise video was released in 1982, became a huge bestseller and defined the genre for a generation. The vids are as ageless as the lady herself and this month she re-released her five most popular workout videos on DVD. And guys can get in on the action too, as Fonda says, “Even recently Michael Strahan revealed that he used the workout tapes to, as he said, literally work his butt off, and credited them with his becoming conscious of the importance of working out.”

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2. Anna Keiser Happy Hour
Celebrity trainer, Anna Keiser of AKT in Motion, just released her Happy Hour fitness DVD so you can get the secret to Sarah Jessica Parker and Kelly Ripa’s long, lean physiques at home. It’s 60 minutes of dance cardio, sports training, Pilates, yoga and strength so you’ll get a great full-body challenge. The video is designed to work for all levels of fitness, so even beginner’s won’t get discouraged.

3. The Bar Method Super Sculpting II
The Bar Method is a fantastic low-impact workout for strengthening and lengthening muscles for that graceful dancer’s body we all covet. You need some basic equipment like a chair, hand weights and a strap for stretching.

4. Denise Austin 360 Plan
Fitness pioneer Denise Austin has written 12 books and sold more than 24 million exercise videos. Her latest effort, the 360 Plan, is perfect if you really want to revamp your lifestyle for 2015. It’s a 10-week program combining fitness DVDs and an eating plan that promises you can lose up to 25 pounds.


5. Shaun T Insanity Max 30
There’s a reason Shaun T’s Insanity workouts are top Google’s most-searched list. If you’re looking for a challenge and don’t have time for hour-long workouts, Insanity Max 30 fits the bill. Each time you do the workout, your goal is to make it as long as possible before collapsing from exhaustion. If you increase your time by 30 seconds each day for 60 days, you’ll make it through the whole 30 minutes. That’s a grueling workout!

6. BarreAmped Bootcamp
The fitness trend for 2015 is focusing on healthy workouts that incorporate stretching and recovery time. SBF founder Suzanne Bowen has been teaching her version of classic barre technique. The BarreAmped Bootcamp features low-impact cardio intervals and lengthening toning exercises that emphasize proper spinal alignment.


7. PiYo
Fitness expert Chalene Johnson created her unique PiYo workout to strengthen and burn calories without straining your body. It combines Pilates and yoga with constant fluid motion for fantastic results and workouts you won’t get bored with.

8. Element: 5 Day Yoga
Ashley Turner’s 5 Day Yoga lets you mix and match the workouts. It’s an energizing series of energizing and strengthening poses with both Stretch & Restore and Stress Relief & Meditation sessions to help you decompress and center yourself.