Digital-Dieting-15-Apps-that-Make-Pound-Shedding-a-Cinch-MainPhotoWant to drop a few pounds? There’s an app for that. Americans use their phones and tablets for navigation, scheduling, shopping and of course, communications—why not dieting as well? Whether you’re looking for calorie or carb counters or you just want to keep track of your food intake, apps make it easier to stay focused on losing weight. “Where we’re hoping the next generation of apps can do better is in incorporating some of those strategies that help the user who might not be so good about entering their diet every day and staying on track with their goals,” says Sherry Pagoto, UMass Medical School behavioral psychologist and weight loss expert.

But as with any other dieting method, apps are only as effective as the person using them. If you’re serious about dieting, and according to the Boston Medical Center as many as 45 million Americans a year are, one of these weight-loss apps may be just the thing to get your weight under control and your health back on track.

1. MyNetDiary (Free)
MyNetDiary was one of the top-rated apps in a 2013 study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. It incorporates the highest number of evidence-based, proven-effective, behavioral weight-loss strategies of the 30 apps tested.

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