UPDATED November 7th, 2017

Nostalgic as we may still feel about summer, fall is fast approaching. It’s a time to pack away the toys that kept us outdoors, moving, and close to our weight goal. The end of summer also marks the beginning of holiday season, with all the tempting foods that come with those festivities. It’s never too early to start making plans to avoid winter weight gain since Americans tend to gain an extra 5-7 pounds during the holiday season.

To avoid spending hours on the treadmill paying for those holiday indulgences, we offer a few simple suggestions to keep those spare pounds at bay. First, realize the food pitfalls that lay in wait for you. “If you’re busy on the go, taking care of the family and holiday shopping, chances are you’re going to miss a meal, and chances are your next meal isn’t going to be the healthiest things,” says celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak. Keep healthy, come up with some good diet plans early on in the season to avoid winter weight gain and greet spring without the burden of extra pounds.

1. Get your flu shot and try to avoid cold germs.
No inoculation is going to guarantee you perfect health, but getting sick means you are less likely to work out and that alone is enough to pack on the pounds. Some research also suggests that adenovirus 36, which causes upper-respiratory infections may actually be a major contributor to obesity. This reminds us that avoiding winter weight gain is not solely about having a good diet plan in place.

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