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7 Must-Know Resources for Finding Grants & Scholarships

There are many resources available for parents looking for scholarships and grants for their college-bound children. While the process of finding the right ones seems daunting and even intimidating, it’s really not so bad. And it’s free money! Read Related: College Resources for Latino Families It takes time, patience and diligence. Most importantly, remember that […]

5 Great Family Road Trips to Take This Summer

  The United States is a big country, and you and your family should see as much of it as possible. Since crisscrossing the continent in a private jet—or even a commercial airliner—isn’t an option for most, a lot of us opt for family road trips. But with so many scenic drives, stunning national parks […]


The Real Cost of Your Child’s College Education

If you have children and you hope they will one day go to college, then you are probably already worrying about how you will pay for it. College is expensive—very expensive. According to a new Urban Institute report, adults in their 30s have 21 percent less net worth than 30-somethings did 30 years ago, and […]


6 Reasons Why Texas is So Wacky

Texas is a great place. It’s the second largest and second most populous state in the Union. Texans see their state more like an independent nation. And why not? After all, Texas was its own country between 1836-45. When it became a U.S. territory, it retained the right to fly its flag at the same height as […]


A Latino Fourth of July

I experienced my first Fourth of July in 1976 in Los Angeles, California. I was almost of 12 years old and visiting with my father and sister, and I had no real clue about the holiday or that it was the bicentennial. And while I knew that the Fourth of July celebrated American independence, I […]


Dear Father’s Day, Why Are You So Lame?

Dear Father’s Day; Why are you so lame? Every year you come around without a lot of fanfare. You sort of creep up on us near the middle of June and everyone seems to forget until it’s too late that we’re supposed to be celebrating you… That is, celebrating us dads. It’s not fair. We […]