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Has Meaningful Immigration Reform Finally Arrived?

Editor’s note: This post is part of a series on immigration leading up to our Twitter Talk on February 13 at 9pm EST with Emmy-winning journalist Jorge Ramos. To take part in the conversation, follow #CountryForAll on Twitter. It looks like meaningful immigration reform is finally here. A bipartisan group of senators have agreed on […]


Latinos to Obama: It’s Payback Time

This past November, Latinos mobilized, volunteered and voted in record numbers. They helped put President Barack Obama back in office for another four years. And now, just like everyone else who supported him, they want Obama to address their needs, and they’re calling for payback. But exactly what needs do they want addressed? IMMIGRATION REFORM? […]


The Best Omelette For Kids

It’s late Sunday morning. It’s not a holiday or anything, but we should celebrate. We’ve survived another week of work, children’s homework, after school programs, the dog not exactly being housebroken, and a flat tire. What we need this morning is a nice breakfast, something substantial, but not too heavy: the best omelette, with toasted […]

Chicken Recipe For Single Dads

At home we eat so much chicken that the kids just roll their eyes and complain, “Again?” They can complain all they want but they always devour it. And besides, chicken is easy on the wallet, especially if you stay away from processed chicken breasts or pre-cooked meals. As a matter of fact, one of […]