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A Man’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

Ah, here comes Valentine’s Day, yet again. Valentine’s Day, the Super Bowl of dates. Most men have to be reminded about this day. Thank God for all the red decor at the grocery store and the ads on TV. Because we know it’s a super-important day for our significant other, but sometimes we fail to […]


Tamale Secrets From the Experts

During the holiday season, tamales are a must in any Latin household. This is the time when the mamis and the abuelitas go all out and make tamales that turn the neighbors green with envy. As a matter of fact, I still remember my friend Elena’s tamales from almost twelve years ago. By far, the […]


Is Your Child Right for Fraternity or Sorority Life?

To frat or not to frat; that is the question for many first-year college students. And if you’re a Latino student, then maybe the question is: Which Latino fraternity or sorority should you join? Sure, we all saw the movie “Animal House.” And while some fraternities and sororities have earned their reputations for hard partying, […]