How Celebs Spend Their Summer Vacations-MainPhoto

Live the Fantasy: How Celebs Spend Their Summer Vacations

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While most of us mere mortals only have room for a week at the beach or perhaps a trip to Disneyland in our summer vacation budget, celebs tend to spend their leisure time frolicking bikini-clad in exotic locales. Since vicarious living is…
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10 Questions for Pam Muñoz Ryan, author of Tony Baloney

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Pam Muñoz Ryan has published her newest book, Tony Baloney: School Rules is the second in a series about Tony Baloney and his funny penguin family. Book two centers on the excitement of Tony Baloney’s first day of school and how he copes…
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5 Summer Activities To Make Your Kids Vacation Unforgettable!

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For some parents, summer vacation actually means a lot of extra work spent on planning eight weeks worth of entertainment for their kids.  During the summer, parents are not only looking for ways to keep their kids busy, but also looking…
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Ladder to the Moon

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Ladder to the Moon By Maya Soetoro-Ng ● Illustrated by Yuyi Morales Candlewick Press ● 2011 ● 48 pages Hardcover ($19.99) ISBN 978-0-7636-4570-0 Ages 4-8 Inspired by her mother’s love of giving and helping others, Maya Soetoro-Ng…
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Trayvon Martin, Emmett Till, & Men with Guns

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What happens when a man gets a gun in his hand? Does it conjure up a lust for violence, for death, even? Even a toy gun for a child’s game of ‘Cops and Robbers’ signifies power, a chance to shoot the bad guy on the playground. But is…

Why Success Takes More Than a College Degree

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I hope that all my kids will go to college and earn a degree. Yet I’m old enough—and hopefully wise enough—to know that a degree by itself is no guarantee of personal or professional success. For that reason, I’m already trying to…

Q&A With Author Diana Lopez

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Diana Lopez debuted with a middle grade novel Confetti Girl (Little Brown). It was published in 2009, won the 2012 William Allen White Children’s Book Award and earned its author many great admirers due to her engaging voice and wonderful…

Is Technology in Schools Really Working as it Should?

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We've come a long way since the days of blackboards, mimeographed sheets and dog-eared textbooks. Many schools across the nation have wireless access and teachers and students use computers on a regular basis for learning, doing schoolwork…

Alisa Valdes to Bring Dirty Girls to the Big Screen

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I remember reading Alisa Valdes’ book, The Dirty Girls Social Club, when I was in college. I loved it so much I shared it with all my friends. It made me laugh, cry and feel for the characters, Las Sucias, who are a diverse group of real…