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Girls Who Code : 10 Reasons To Get Your Daughters Into Tech

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Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code, has helped start an unstoppable movement that just keeps gaining momentum. There are far too few women in technology and, until recently, girls have been discouraged from pursuing higher education…

Pros and Cons of Graduate Degrees: Worth the Time, Energy & Money?

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In a tough economy many people are mulling over the pros and cons of graduate degrees — and they're definitely not all recent college grads. Although unemployment has fallen in the past few years, wages have remained stagnant which has many…

10 Bizarre Online Classes You're Secretly Dying to Take

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Thanks to Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), the array of online classes is growing every day. This gives everyone greater access to higher education but it also has another benefit. Now you can take one of those bizarre classes you've always…
How to Finance Your Child’s College Education-MainPhoto

How to Finance Your Child’s College Education

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For many parents, the thought of paying for their children’s college education can bring about feelings of pressure and anxiety. And with some schools costing more than $200,000 for a four-year degree, it’s certainly understandable. Whether…

Movin’ on Up: 12 Ways Kids Can Get Ahead Before Graduating High School

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The importance of learning life skills for teens beyond the classroom can’t be underestimated. Proper preparation for college, working, travelling or volunteering, can reap great rewards for high-school kids during those first lean years…

After School Cool: 15 Out-of-the-Box Activities for Your Kid to Try This Year

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At a young age we learn much of what guides us through life and children are magnets—their brains attract and hold onto new information without even trying. That’s why in this age of video games and TV babysitters, it’s crucial to give…

Getting Testy: 15 Ways Latina Moms can Help Their Kids get SAT Ready

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High school can be stressful…and we’re not even talking about peer pressure or raising teens. Turns out, it’s no easy task preparing your children for adulthood. Especially when it is time for the dreaded “S” word—the SATs. Many…

10 Reasons Why Parents Should Stop Getting Student Loans for their Kids

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Student loans suck. Collectively, we’ve got the equivalent of a Malibu mansion in student loan debt, so as a whole new generation is starting college this topic hits close to home. Even if you’ve been really good about saving money for…

Jealous of Your Back-to-School kids? 15 Awesome Courses You Can Take Online

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We’re the first to admit there’s something about the end of summer and beginning of fall that brings back memories of those first days of school. We even admit that we’re more excited than our kids about school supply shopping. There’s…