1. Triceps Extension
    Why do the extra pounds always seem to hide in the back of our arms, taunting us with every left and swing? The triceps extension is designed to zap the flab in the back of your arms. Bat wings be gone! Start lying down, face up with your feet flat on the floor, knees bent and a dumbbell in each hand. Raise your arms over your chest, keeping them straight. Then lower one arm so that the weight is over your head, keeping both arms straight. Then raise that arm back to the ceiling and repeat 15 times before switching arms. This is another one of the best arm workouts for women out there.
  1. Kettlebell Side Plank
    If you’re looking to tone your back and shoulders, the kettlebell side plank is for you. Begin in a modified side-plank with your legs stacked and knees bent. Hold a kettlebell (or water bottle or free weight) in your upper hand with that arm bent. Then lift your hips so your body is off the floor and press the weight up to the ceiling. Return to the starting position and repeat three times one ash side.