Liquid Cool Detox Drink-MainPhoto

Liquid Cool Detox Drink-MainPhoto

Summer brings awesome outdoor activities, trips to the zoo and kids’ birthday parties lasting long into the evening. Thanks to all of the above, for my family, summer also comes with sunburns and unquenchable thirst! We tend to get hot fast and need instant relief from what is sometimes unrelenting heat. For those days when we’re all overheating and in need of some relief, I turn to this Liquid Cool Detox Drink.  

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Packed with Vitamin C but with an added zest of flavor from Tajín , this detox drink is exactly what we need during the hottest of summer days. I’ll have it instead of breakfast if I’m feeling too hot to eat, or drink it mid-morning as a pick-me-up. The kids like it too so I often make extra to serve to them or keep in the fridge for later. I’ve even made a whole pitcher to serve at a party with the glasses pre-rimmed with juice and Tajín . It was so pretty and everyone loved the fresh, citrus taste.

A quick tip for this drink is to make a couple batches and freeze it in mason jars, leaving a bit of room at the top for expansion. Then, on the hottest of days when you’re headed to the beach or pool, toss a few jars in your beach bag. They’ll begin to defrost right away and, after a good shake, will be the perfect slushy consistency for everyone to enjoy!

Calories: 180 per serving
Serves: 1

5 grapefruits
4 packets of sugar substitute
2 limes
Ice to taste
2 tablespoons Tajín Clásico


  1. Zest one half of one grapefruit.
  2. Combine the juice of the grapefruits, the lime and the grapefruit zest, the Tajín Clásico, the sugar substitute and the ice in the jar of a blender.
  3. Process until all the ingredients are blended.
  4. Rim the glass with a bit of grapefruit or lime juice and Tajín Clásico.

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