There’s an app for everything we can think of—and even some pretty weird apps for the things we haven’t thought of. It seems that apps these days, for better or worse, essentially navigate our lives these days. But, according to Forbes, when Steve Jobs first introduced the iPhone: “He was especially proud of the fact that it didn’t really support apps.” Well, well, well. There are so many cool apps out there today, Mr. Jobs, that it appears your original plan totally backfired.

With 25-hour schedules and multitasking to the max, apps have become indispensable wingmen in our crazy lives. And since our lives are usually wonderfully wacky at times, these weird apps (that would even befuddle Weird Al Yankovic) might just come in handy. With that, here are 20 of the oddest, most bizarre, straight-up weird apps on the market.

1. Gym Shamer (Free)
Need a little shame to motivate you to go to the gym? Gym Shamer will keep track of your couch potato ways and out you on social media. Red-faced fun.

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