Getting pregnant has gone high tech. The fertility tracking industry is growing fast, and for good reason. Tracking your menstrual cycles, timing intercourse, and recording data on your body’s monthly changes are all necessary ingredients in the recipe for a healthy pregnancy. While we all know those women who are lucky enough to get pregnant on the first try — for some of us, a little help fertility guidance is required.

What do the experts say about the effectiveness of fertility apps in trying to conceive? “In terms of people who are trying to get pregnant, it can be useful,” says Dr. Jennifer Wu, an OB-GYN at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York.  Melissa M. Goist, M.D., Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at The Ohio State University Medical Center agrees. “Any woman who is trying to conceive should be aware of her own cycle. Not everyone has the classic 28-day menses, where bleeding starts on day one and ends between days five and seven,” Goist says. “That’s where the gadgets come in.”

Whether you’re planning a family or just want to know when your period is coming, there are a number of great period and fertility tracking apps to choose from.

These 10 fertility apps will assist you on your high-tech road to pregnancy.