5 Insanely Cool Apps that You Can't Believe Exist

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Updated May 14, 2018 These days there are cool apps to fill just about any need you can think of and a few needs you didn't even realize you had. New apps are coming out all the time and we can't get enough of them. In fact, Flurry reports…

Power Monger: How to Max Out Your Cell Phone Batteries

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These days, cell phone batteries are almost as important for daily function as our own vital organs. It's always a pain to have to put communication on hold or shackle yourself to a cord when your power's running low. Some of us remember the…

Tech Talk: 15 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know You Could Ask Apple’s Siri

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UPDATED August 1st, 2016 We've all seen the Apple commercials about our good friend Siri. The movie Her was even about a man falling in love with his smartphone's voice-recognition application. (Which would have been creepy if it wasn’t…

In Defense of the Selfie Stick

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The selfie stick has turned out to be one of the most polarizing phone accessories on the planet. Selfie pole haters seem to be the most vocal faction but selfie stick lovers clearly outnumber them or the haters wouldn't have anything to complain…

10 Best Apps We Can't Wait to Try in 2016

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Ring in the new year with the best apps you've just got to try in 2016! From keeping your New Year's resolutions, to staying organized, to de-stressing at the end of the day — there's are plenty of cool apps for that. We've rounded up 10…

Wean the Screen: 8 Reasons to Stop Staring at Your Phone or iPad in Bed

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After a long day you've finally made it to the home stretch. You're in pajamas, you're in bed, you're about to fall asleep…but first you need to take one last look at your cell phone or iPad in bed. 3 hours later you're still checking emails…

Don't Worry, Be Appy: 8 Kinds of New Apps to Think About This Year

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We all love our smartphones and tablets and technology that make our life more interesting if not easier. There are apps to count carbs and apps to hail a cab and apps to help us budget or talk to our kids about the birds and bees. In just…

App-Normal: The 20 Weirdest Apps You Have Ever Heard Of

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There’s an app for everything we can think of—and even some pretty weird apps for the things we haven’t thought of. It seems that apps these days, for better or worse, essentially navigate our lives these days. But, according to Forbes,…

Overstimulated: 10 Signs You Have One Too Many Tech Devices on Your Hands

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Don’t deny it, like us, you’ve got a ton of gadgets at your fingertips at all times. From smartphones to tablets, PDAs to Kindles, iPods and fitness bands, and of course there’s the good old-fashioned laptops. With so many technological…