1. Borahm Cho (29)
    Imagine you really want a good meal but you are a totally amateur in the kitchen. Let Kitchensurfing do your dirty work. This site pairs up people who like to eat with chefs who like to cook, based on your needs and budget. Cofounder and CEO Borahm Cho began his career at various digital agencies before creating the web marketplace for foodies.
  1. Richard Gaster (29)
    If the terms bio and tech make your head spin, we’re with you. Richard Gaster, not so much. He’s the CEO and brains behind Gaster Hall Technologies, a biotech company that’s working on an electronic kit designed to test for cancer and infectious diseases without a trained technician. Oh, and he started a residency in plastic surgery AND he received his first patent when he was just 14. Show. Off.
  1. Rachel Haurwitz (28)
    Warning: most of us are going to be very confused (and very impressed) by what this young woman is doing. She cofounded Caribou Biosciences which is developing genetic engineering technology using a protein called Cas9. All you really need to know is that this protein can destroy invading viruses and change the body’s immune system and Haurwitz found a way to cultivate it for drug creation and industry use. It has the potential to revolutionize antibiotics and treatment for diseases like HIV.
  1. Daniel Friedman (22)
    Friedman is the cofounder and president of Thinkful, a program that offers not only online computer science classes but also experienced mentors to help teach the curriculum and guide the students.