It’s not easy staying motivated in a tough job market. These days millions of people are out there pounding the pavement, looking for a  job, and growing increasingly frustrated. When you’ve been searching for weeks and even months without any progress, it can be difficult to stay the course. Whether you are a single woman who just wants a change or a mother with kids to feed, it’s vital that you stay positive and motivated.

Without a doubt, being unemployed is an incredibly stressful experience for you and your entire family. In addition to worry over bills, your own feelings of guilt about being unable to contribute to the household income can put a strain on your marriage and create a rift between you and your partner. You may even have a shorter temper with your children who, undoubtedly, sense their parents’ tension concerning money.

It’s important to stay focused on maintaining your family’s emotional health during these rough times. Make sure you keep the lines of communication open between you, your partner, and your children. Be honest with your kids and make this an opportunity to teach them about saving money. Continue to make date nights with your husband, even if it’s just for a drive in the country or a picnic in your living room while the kids stay at grandma’s.

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Avoid falling into a job search rut. You may find yourself  looking through the same old websites or perusing the same classifieds each week (or day). Perhaps you are sending out a poorly written resume that never gets picked up by the software companies use to filter candidates. Branch out and try new approaches.

• Check alternate publications and websites. Try using social media groups as a place to connect with potential recruiters.
• Network! Call old friends and coworkers to see if they have any leads. Get out of the house and attend events, conferences, parties, and use every opportunity to meet people and make contacts.
• Cold Call.  Contact companies that you’re interested in working for, regardless of whether they have openings posted. Connect with the diversity departments and leverage your ethnicity.
• Have your resume reviewed by a professional. If your resume doesn’t include keywords related to the kind of work you want to do it’s unlikely to ever make it to a final slate of candidates. Same goes if it has any mistakes. Make sure a professional reviews it.
• Post resumes in new places online. There are numerous sites  that allow you to post your resume to the public. Ihispano focuses on companies interested in  hiring Hispanics.

Have you considered going back to school? If you’re the main breadwinner for the family, a full time job is obviously a priority. However, if you are a part of a two-adult household, going back to school can give you much greater earning potential as long as you chose a degree that is in high demand. In addition, you could qualify for financial aid  that can help keep the family afloat while you get additional education under your belt.


Want to be your own boss? As Latinas, daughters and granddaughters of immigrants we still carry that entrepreneurial gene. Tap into this entrepreneurial spirit by exploring what you’re good at and how it could be marketed to the masses. Many mamis have gone from unemployment to self-employment and seen huge success. There are countless stories of women making it as web designers, writers or bloggers, and many other business ventures. There are even women who have turned hobbies like baking cookies into lucrative careers.

When one route doesn’t get you to your destination, you seek another route. The same should be true when you are frustrated with your job search. By keeping a positive attitude, thinking creatively, and enlisting the help and support of your family, you can put yourself on the path to success while maintaining a happy home.