UPDATED May 16th, 2018

Forget the hot crowded bar scene. Summer is the perfect time to get your drink on right by the pool. In the midst of a hot and sweaty summer, most people have a favorite summer drink that they enjoy. This summer serve something new. Choose one, or all, from this list of refreshing drinks. Some are totally new in concept; some are twists on old favorites.mYou’ll be sure to find a new summer classic and earn bragging rights as a mixologist when you serve glasses of these tasty treats.You’ll want to drink these refreshing blends right down, but take your time and enjoy the taste of these summer alcoholic drinks as you loll and laze on those sultry afternoons.


1.  Basil White Wine Sangria 
Sangria is a summer staple for back yard BBQs and pool parties. This sangria is made with white wine instead of red and adds apples and pears to the traditional citrus flavors.

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