Summer Mixology: 10 Poolside Cocktails You’ll Probably Drink Too Fast

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UPDATED May 16th, 2018 Forget the hot crowded bar scene. Summer is the perfect time to get your drink on right by the pool. In the midst of a hot and sweaty summer, most people have a favorite summer drink that they enjoy. This summer serve…

Rock the Mock: 14 Non-Alcoholic Drinks for the Pregnant Woman

UPDATED November 15th, 2017 Just because you can’t have alcohol for the next nine months doesn’t mean the party is over, mom-to-be. In fact, there’s plenty to celebrate now before little one arrives and takes over your party schedule,…

Eight Fall-Inspired Cocktails

 UPDATED November 1st, 2017 Fall is quickly approaching, and while you're getting back into the swing of things like school, shopping, and packing away all your summer favorites, you might need to chillax and have a drink. Stir up one…
Holiday Cocktails From Top-Shelf Mixologists-MainPhoto

3 Holiday Cocktails From Top-Shelf Mixologists

UPDATED December 1st, 2016 We’re delighted to share these unique holiday cocktails to get you in the spirit (No pun intended!). They were created by three professional mixologists. Whether you are celebrating with a crowd or just a special…

The 10 Best Mojito Recipe Ideas in the Entire Universe

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In celebration of National Mojito Day (July 11), a holiday that celebrates the greatness of the classic Cuban cocktail, we bring you ten of the best mojitos in the entire universe. Classic mojitos are made with white rum, muddled mint, fizzy…

How to Make the Best Micheladas Ever

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If you aren't familiar with micheladas, think of them as a beer-based Mexican version of the Bloody Mary. It's the perfect Cinco de Mayo cocktail and once you fall in love with this spicy, unexpectedly refreshing drink, it just may become…
Ring in the New Year with These 3 Specialty Drinks-MainPhoto

Ring in the New Year with These 3 Specialty Drinks

New Year’s Eve is almost upon us. If you’re looking for some inspirational mixed drinks here are three festive cocktails. You can spice it up, be the bomb or even take the “rich” route. Or if you’re really daring try all three. From…
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Mocktails From Mixologist Tyler Lymer

Mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails) are growing in sophistication and popularity. Instead of hangover-inducing, high-calorie cocktails, award winning mixologist Tyler Lymer’s handcrafted mocktails include specialty ingredients such as HYDRIVE…
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Latino Holiday Drinks

One of the tricky aspects to hosting a party where children are present is eliminating the whole "doubling-up" effort. That means serving food and drinks that both appeal to the adults (you know, the libations) but also satisfy the kids. Here…