Recent nail trends favor round or square nails on runways and red carpets, while celebs like Lady Gaga and Beyoncé are rocking almonds are for a more glam look. And no one does a stiletto like Rihanna.

There a few things to consider when deciding on a shape for your manicure: lifestyle, your personal taste as well as the size and shape of your fingers and nail beds. Chanel celebrity manicurist Ashlie Johnson tells Marie Claire, “It’s more important to consider your lifestyle than your finger shape. If you’re super active and type a lot, you’re better off with a shorter, squarer nail. Longer, almond-shaped nails are a little more of a luxury.” On the flip side L’Oréal Paris global nail artist Tom Bachik says, “If your nails are on the short side, it’s fine to go with slightly softer square shape for a deliberately strong mood. As nails grow longer, round off more, eventually ending with a more oval to almond shape, which helps make fingers and hands look more elegant and elongated.”