How much do you love your body, regardless of your weight or your size?

If you are like most women, then you probably experience some kind of self-hatred talk and shame. Sister, you don’t have to be prisoner to those toxic thoughts and feelings.

Your body is sacred. It is the vehicle that allows you to express your Inner Goddess, to receive life in all its aspects. It allows you to feel, taste and touch life fully and to express the magnificent essence of your soul. It allows you to give and receive love. Your body knows the secret of self-love. Your body is the bridge to your goddess powers. When you love your body unconditionally, your Inner Goddess comes to life. She then blesses your life with harmony, love, health, abundance and wisdom. Make time for yourself, love your body and awaken your Inner Goddess practicing these delicious pampering rituals!

1. Immerse yourself in calming waters. Water is a feminine element that awakens your goddess nature. Pamper yourself like the Egyptian goddesses in an exquisite bath. Get essential oils, sea salts or bath products that you find delightful and prepare your own Inner Goddess bath recipe. Lavender, jasmine, rose and cinnamon are excellent for activating your goddess’ senses. Breathe in deeply and prepare your bath with reverence and love. Pour your Inner Goddess ingredients into the warm water. Immerse yourself in the waters, gently feeling how the waters embrace your whole body. Let your body float and enjoy the pleasant feeling of being in a womb of water. Your Inner Goddess is at peace!

2. Savor a delicious herbal tea while listening to relaxing music. It’s time to nurture all your senses with peaceful music and a tasty herbal tea served in a lovely mug. Put the music on and release all your mental noise by putting your attention on the musical notes. Be present to every sensation. Enjoy the warmth of the cup in your hands. Sit down comfortably, smell the fragrance of the herbs and savor the flavor with your whole being. You are listening, touching, smelling, savoring and enjoying all the colors and beauty around you. Take pleasure in this moment. Keep your attention on the sensations you feel, and not on what you think. Your Inner Goddess is present in the here and now!

3. Raise your energy level by visualizing a beautiful place in nature. Your Inner Goddess comes alive in nature and you can help her to emerge at any moment in your life by visualizing a place in nature where you felt in complete harmony. Close your eyes and remember that place in nature that made you feel gracious. Visualize the colors and shapes of the landscape: blue waves flowing into the sand, a sunset in the mountains, ancient tress reaching the sky. Breathe in and breathe out slowly, allowing the air to fill your belly and pelvic area. As you breathe in and breathe out, receive the beauty of the landscape in your body. Feel the breeze caressing your skin, the sun embracing your back, or the waves rocking you. This exquisite landscape is a mirror of your Inner Goddess. You are as radiant as this landscape!

4. Express your majesty in your attire. Your Inner Goddess has her unique way of expressing her authenticity through the colors, textures and shapes of your clothing. Close your eyes and medítate about your uniqueness. Ask yourself: How does my presence transform a room when I go in? Does it become more joyful, more mystical or more harmonious? Am I like a waterfall, like a river or like the full moon? Am I like the melody of a guitar or like the rhythm of a drum? Listen to the music of your presence. Feel the texture of your presence. See the colors of your presence. Open your eyes, enjoying the majestic sensation of your being. Go to your closet and find a combination of clothing that reflects this majesty. Follow your intuition and play with your attire until you find the precise expression of your majesty. You are celebrating the uniqueness of your Inner Goddess!

5. Dance your grace. Your Inner Goddess has her own unique dance that emanates from her soul. Give yourself time and space to discover this dance. Choose a place in your house with enough empty space to move freely. Wear clothing in which you feel completely comfortable and beautiful. Stay barefooted and put on music that makes you feel in harmony. Stand in the middle of the space and close your eyes. The dance starts in stillness. Listen to the music with your soul. Allow each musical note to caress your body. Feel how the music touches your body in your feet, in your legs, in your pelvis and hips. Open your eyes, keeping your attention on your inner experience. Start moving with your feet at your own pace without trying to dance specific steps. Follow the movements that emerge from within. Dance with your feet, legs and hips. Dance with your whole torso. Dance with your arms and hands. Above all, dance with your soul. This is your dance and only you know how to dance it. Your mind is in silence and your body responds to the music of your soul. Your Inner Goddess is expressing her authentic beauty!

May your Inner Goddess bless your life with self-love!