There sure are plenty of wacky tech gadgets to choose from these days. But what’s out there just for the ladies? I’ve rounded up a few tech contraptions just for women and divided them into two categories: Clever and Crazy. It’s up to you to decide which gadget suits your inner-techie best.

USB Flash Drive Necklace
Flash drives are super easy to use, but they can also be super easy to lose. Considering the important data a flash drive can store, that could be an absolute disaster. Enter the thumb drive necklace, which is—you guessed it—a necklace that holds a flash drive. Snap it in, snap it out, it’s right there, it’s super cute, and you can wear it. My favorite thing about these little beauties is they make me feel like a spy. My second favorite thing about them is that they come in a bunch of styles that you can find on Overstock, Amazon, and Etsy.

Flash Drive Necklace Gadget
Okay, so this isn’t just for the ladies because health and fitness aren’t exclusive to us, but it’s still a great product. The Fitbit is like a pedometer that goes above and beyond, tracking your activity, sleep, and calories burned, while wirelessly charting your success. You can even log what you eat and your workouts from your iPhone or Android device. Pretty great, right? Even cooler? It’s super slim and discrete. No more bulky pedometers and even more awesome features.

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There are times you want to share your music with everyone, but the 90s are over and no one carries around a ghetto blaster anymore (remember those?!). Enter the Stereobag, which is what happens when a bag and a boombox love each other very much and decide to have an MP3 player compatible baby. Fydelity makes a bunch of different styles that are super fun and super chic.

Lullabelly Gadget

Lullabelly Maternity Music Device
I know, this is exclusive to the pregnant population, but it’s pretty neat (if not a little over the top). So that you and baby can enjoy your music together, the Lullabelly is an adjustable belt that lets you play music for your little bun while still in the oven. Don’t worry, it comes with a volume cap to keep sounds safe for rapidly developing ears. It also includes a splitter, and an MP3 player pocket holder.

Butterfly in a Jar
Watch fake butterflies flutter around in a jar! Maybe it’s because I’m not totally into butterflies—maybe it’s just that this is incredibly frivolous but I just don’t dig this.

Diamond Turntable Gadget

Diamond Turntable for Women
Because women were never DJs before someone made the turntable look prettier.

Hello Kitty Keyboard
“I never cared about typing until I had a Hello Kitty Keyboard. Now I actually WANT to use my computer,” said no one. Ever.

LED Eyelash gadget.
LED Eyelashes
Fake eyelashes are not easy to apply. Or perhaps I’m just particularly terrible at it. Either way, the idea of blinging them out with LED LIGHTS, does not sound like it would make them any easier to apply.

Pepper Spray iPhone Case
It’s not so much a tech gadget as a tech accessory, but I felt the need to include it on the list. I mean, really. What could possibly go wrong?