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Crazy Tech Gadgets for Women

There sure are plenty of wacky tech gadgets to choose from these days. But what’s out there just for the ladies? I’ve rounded up a few tech contraptions just for women and divided them into two categories: Clever and Crazy. It’s up to you to decide which gadget suits your inner-techie best. CLEVER USB Flash […]

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Scary Tales or Fairy Tales?

I grew up on Disney movies, princess stories, and nursery rhymes. The Little Red Riding Hood I remember was eaten by a wolf, and so was her grandmother, but there was a woodsman who arrived just in time to hack them out of the wolf’s belly, whole and intact. I never understood how that was […]


Single Parenting: Good for Babies and Moms?

Recently, I had the opportunity to discuss a Washington Post blog post about being a single mother on NPR’s Tell Me More (which you can listen to here). It was interesting to hear other single mom’s perspectives on the actual choice of becoming a single parent, especially when the conversation was centered around the idea […]


How I Became a Single Mom at 23

Author’s note: I haven’t really discussed how I came to be a single mom at 23, partially because it’s incredibly personal, but partially because there’s still a bit of a stigma attached to stories like mine. I announced that I was pregnant on my blog though, and I touched on a couple of items: I […]