Eva Perón

Some women just have “IT”— a magnetism, an innate confidence, and a unique flair that shines through every aspect of their lives. These women could make a burlap sack look like haute couture. They’d belt it, throw on a pair of heels and a statement necklace, then glide into a formal gala without batting an eyelash. No doubt, she’d start a burlap sack trend with everyone clamoring to know what new avant-garde designer she’s wearing. These five fabulous Latinas are inspirational (and aspirational) paragons of feminine strength and singular, dynamic style:

Frida Kahlo embodies feminine strength and beauty. Her passionate, artistic vision still resonates with women today. Frida’s jet-black hair, flowing skirts, smoldering eyes, and festive colors have a distinctly Mexican flavor that transcends time and place. Strong brows (no unibrow jokes here), floor-skimming skirts, and brilliant splashes of color are thoroughly modern. Look to her numerous self-portraits for style inspiration.

Eva Perón was a controversial figure (as are so many iconic women) but her style influence is unquestionable. So much so, that Madonna—a style icon in her own right—fought to play her in the movie version of Evita. Eva personified sleek, ladylike glamour with her smooth coif, perfectly tailored suits, gorgeous accessories, and crimson lips.

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Carolina Herrera creates beautiful, classic clothes for ‘real women.’ Her fresh, sophisticated designs appeal to women of every age from young starlets to working mamis to ladies who lunch. She always looks crisp and elegant, with just a touch of whimsy—the quintessential Venezuelan beauty.

Jennifer Lopez made her curvaceous booty a fashion accessory, empowering women everywhere to celebrate their own curves. This may seem trivial but, for any woman who spent her adolescence gazing at the stick-thin models in fashion magazines while agonizing over her own developing figure, it was a revelation. JLo loves mixing street fashion with runway—constantly evolving her look. Her style is body conscious, ultra glam, and super sexy.

Eva Longoria is a breath of fresh air. We love her because she always, always looks like she is having a fabulous time. How many women can present an award wearing a bathing suit and heels with girl-next-door charm? It’s not so much what she wears as how she wears it—flirtatious, adorable, and sexy in a fun-loving, tomboy way.